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    Main » 2009 » September » 2 » Beta Testing!
    3:47 PM
    Beta Testing!

    Star Wars Movie Duels 2 has moved into its last part of the development. A week ago the Beta testing started. A team of 5 persons are doing there best to make the mod as bug free as possible.

    And we have actually found a whole lot of bugs already.
    I would estimate that we need another week or two to finish the Beta testing. As you probably have noticed I decided to have a closed Beta. I prefer to have a smaller group of persons I trust to do the job.

    A part from the testing, Wytchking are working on a Nute Gunray and Rune Haako model which will fit in many of the missions. The models are as good as finished, there are only some weighting to be done.

    I know you guys are eager to play this mod and want it to be released as fast as possible. That makes me very glad and proud, I guess I have done something good afterall. But to give you a little teaser I will in the coming week upload gameplay movies from Movie Duels 2.
    Three missions will be presentated in three different movies. It starts today with the mission:
    Retaking The Jedi Temple
    from Episode 3. The video will take you through the level from start to finish with all cutscenes included. Of course the quality will be in HD.


    Views: 2854 | Added by: Wector | Tags: beta testing star wars movie duels | Rating: 4.8/4
    Total comments: 10
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    10 DarthDeagle  
    com'on man keep up the good work smile (that 501st tro0per skin is so good! i like it's ''rusty'' and dirty :D) pls hurry up whit the mod and may the force be whit you ! :))

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    9 psilas  
    WOW, I was actually looking forward to this as my MAIN Christmas present.Looks like Christmas may come early.

    Wector, after this you know you have only one purpose in life.......ok...maybe you're worth more than just 1, however...............ORIGINAL TRILOGY IS YOUR DESTINY!

    Lucas Arts have NEVER done what you're doing, not properly anyway, so now there can be no turning back, take all the way.

    Cheers Wector, you are the man!

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    8 nick  
    hey when will the video be released? I thought you said today. Oh well I must be patient i guess... But i probly will forget about til tomorrow AFTER school so hurry up and release it im gonna keep checking within the next 20 minutes for it!!

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    7 cimbajunior  
    movie duels 1 has also a lot of bugs.I was playing today a mission from E2 Confrotation with Dooku and after the cutscene Dooku just froze and he couldnt moved at all and funnest part was that I couldnt kill like he has GOD mode on not me! tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue

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    6 Bustard  
    Hmm... This mod is great, i think. I can wait some weeks, for this mod.(my english maybe sucks, forgeve this to me:D)

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    5 Larraz  
    Wychking is working for this mod too? We have Nute gunray and Rune Hakko to from Wytchking to Star Wars Chronicles

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    4 Tom-E  
    Wector :(

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    3 Wector  
    I said it coming today, didn't I wink

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    2 Jason  
    yea where is this video?

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    1 SecretAgent007  
    Where is the video? or your working on the video?

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