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    Forum » Gaming Section » JK3 discussions » Sequel to JA (Plot continuation)
    Sequel to JA
    liptonteaDate: Monday, 2009-07-06, 2:45 PM | Message # 1
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    I was wondering if this was possible to continue the great story of JA.
    Frankly speaking I don't know how to create a mod... but I have some ideas about the continuation of the story...

    In few words:
    * Kyle finds Jaden Korr nad tries to convince him to turn away form the path of the dark side
    * Jaden can't resist the dark side and attacks Kyle
    * Kyle overpowers Jaden ( cutting his legs ) and then there is a moment of hesitation ( of Kyle ... he can't think clearly, he thinks about Rosh's death ) and then he decides to kill Jaden to finish this story once and for all. Suddenly there is Luke Skywalker ( he went on the place of tragic sotry as fast as he could )
    * Luke tells Kyle that the death of Jaden is pointless and this act of murder can only turns Kyle to the dark side of the force
    * Kyle doesn't listen Luke and decide to kill Jaden...
    * Kule turns on lightsaber, he is about to to kill Jaden but Luke immediately cross the lightsaber with Kyle's one
    * They fight for a moment, when Kyle realizes that Luke was right... they stop fighting
    * They takes Jaden to the Academy on Yavin 4 as a prisoner and trie to turn him to the ligh side of the force... they realize that this is impossible. Jaden's anger is too great and they decide to deprive Jaden of power to let him live as a normal person without the force ( They can do this, becouse they are the Jedi Masters... it can be done like in KOTOR 2, I am sure you remember ... )
    * After a month Luke and Kyle fly on unknown planet on the edge of galaxy ( Luke has a vision and he sees a great danger, which can threat the all life and force in the galaxy ) to defaeat the new threat of the Jedis and the Republic, ( I mean new dark lord of the sith such powerfull that Kyle and Luke needs all students to defat him, but sfortunately they die and the dark lord is the begining of end of the force and life in the galaxy... ( I mean this could be the source of great power and threat that REVAN was looking for in the edge of galaxy. REVAN didn't find it and in Luke's vision appears REVAN saying him about great danger. )
    * The Dark Lord ( unknown name ) like Darth Nihilus has hunger for power and life so he destroys the all life and power, creating an echo in the force so great to end life in the galxy and all universe. In the end he dies, becoues there's nothing more to destroy and to feed his hunger for power.
    This could be the end of STAR WARS

    OK THIS WAS ONLY THE END OF SEQUEL OF JA ( the last mission ) There can be a lot of missions in the sequel. I have other ideas...

    I am waiting for your opinions about my idea

    May the force be with you - Che la forza sia con voi smile

    kal01Date: Monday, 2009-07-06, 6:38 PM | Message # 2
    Group: Administrators
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    I really like the idea baout Jaden and how you relate with Revan, it makes sense in a way that he was sensing a great threat but we never heard about him anymore. This threat could probably be it,
    and jaden could maybe retereive his powers to try and fight the dark lord but fails.

    Also i remmebr that i always wanted to see two chosen ones 1 on both sides to fight in a devastating force dual, that is so great it could bring the galaxy to an end. Imagin just the dual they could have greater than TFU. (lol exagerating a little)
    But your idea is good up

    Tales of the sith lord project leader and mapper for JAU
    LordVader3000Date: Wednesday, 2009-07-15, 4:58 AM | Message # 3
    Group: Users
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    Had a similar idea once, about JK4 being a mod, but why not do one about a new student, named Leon Pankin who is actually in a way, Darth Revan reborn, see he's not Revan himself, he's actully a decendent, Revan and Bastila got a kid after KOTOR, so he is the last relative alive, His ancestor Revan, who died trying to destroy the true sith, but his spirit had been trapped in a sith spirit trapping device, after being released, he became one with his decendent, a 17 Year Old Smuggler, named Leon Pankin, and by doing so he gave knowledge to Leon's mind of being a jedi. After Luke finds this out, he contacts Leon to come and asks him to join the academy, he agrees. Now during this time this time is the Vuuzhan Vong War, the enemy is a Sith named Darth Zangorin.

    Impressive, Most Impressive!
    Forum » Gaming Section » JK3 discussions » Sequel to JA (Plot continuation)
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