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    Forum » Movie Duels Community » Star Wars: Movie Duels 1 » Best Mission? (Vote for the best mission in Movie Duels 1.0)
    Best Mission?
    Which mission in Movie Duels 1.0 do you think is the best one?
    1.Outskirts Of Tatooine[ 0 ][0.00%]
    2.Confrontation With Dooku[ 1 ][10.00%]
    3.Rescue Over Coruscant[ 3 ][30.00%]
    4.Engage General Grievous[ 0 ][0.00%]
    5.Battle Of The Heroes[ 6 ][60.00%]
    Answers total: 10
    WectorDate: Saturday, 2009-05-02, 4:09 PM | Message # 1
    Procject Leader
    Group: Administrators
    Messages: 21
    Reputation: 13
    Status: Offline
    Which mission do you think is the best one in version 1.0?
    Feel free to post your thoughts below.
    I_JediDate: Sunday, 2009-05-03, 1:31 AM | Message # 2
    Group: Users
    Messages: 11
    Reputation: 0
    Status: Offline
    While I like Battle of the Heroes, I like Rescue Over Coruscant too. That way I could get rid of Palpy. biggrin

    So, in order of how I like em, here they are:

    1. Battle of the Heroes (Lots of moving around, could destroy C3PO and R2D2 if I wanted)
    2. Rescue Over Coruscant (Could eliminate Palpatine, and Anakin with Dooku)
    3. Confrontation with Dooku (No comment other than very good)
    4. Engage General Grievous (This one is good, and I can kill the clones and droids)
    5. Outskirts of Tantooine (The fight itself is okay, but Anakin kept getting stuck, and Qui-Gon couldn't escape on the ship.)

    kal01Date: Monday, 2009-05-04, 4:52 AM | Message # 3
    Group: Administrators
    Messages: 45
    Reputation: 1
    Status: Offline
    battlke of heroes is filled with scripts and a lot of intensive moments. i like the duel thanks for this mission. biggrin

    Tales of the sith lord project leader and mapper for JAU
    liptonteaDate: Sunday, 2009-06-21, 4:36 AM | Message # 4
    Group: Users
    Messages: 16
    Reputation: 0
    Status: Offline
    1 st place: Confrontation with Dooku is the best mission. 2 Next is Battle of the Heroes. 3 Outskirts od Tatooine and 4 The rescue over Coruscant

    Engage General Grievous, well it is less than 0 % for me - 5-th place

    The confrontation with Dooku is the best, becouse there is a lot of fight and and pure fun playing as Count Dooku

    I played as Dooku or Kyle Katarn in the MD 1.0.

    A question: Kyle Katarn and Luke can have a new clothes, I mean Kyle should have dark clothes and he should looks less slim than he is, and Luke ( the same )

    Whatever. Movie Duels 1.0 fine mod but I only wait for new combat system frankly speaking... in MD 2

    Forum » Movie Duels Community » Star Wars: Movie Duels 1 » Best Mission? (Vote for the best mission in Movie Duels 1.0)
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